Students nearing the end of their high school years may feel both excitement and trepidation at beginning the next chapter of their lives.

TimesNewspapers offers an online tool, College Prep, to help prepare high school juniors and seniors for the next adventure in their lives.

Found only online with all of TimesNewspapers, College Prep offers a variety of articles all about getting ready for college and what to do when you’re there.

Tips on the big questions of how to afford college, which students should attend junior college and a calendar to break down planning items.

Picking a college and paying for it are not the only challenges facing students today.

Should students study and take the ACT, the SAT or both?

Some need help with tests to place them with the right schools or in the right classes, and choosing the right career for their skills.

Of course, there is something to be said for enjoying being a senior in high school. One article offers tips on making the most of senior year.

Once students get to their chosen college, a new life begins, including living in a dorm for many, and how to get along with roommates.

College Prep explores all these issues and more.

Use College Prep as a place to start in thinking about the future. Check it out here.