Washington residents who live near the intersection of Santa Fe and Oak Ridge now have a four-way stop at the corner.

Washington City Council members voted to change the two-way stop to a four-way stop after several residents complained about safety issues.

The subdivision where the intersection is located has more than 250 homes and a lot of children, according to residents.

Jeff Hurst told council members at the meeting that it is too long a road and too busy an intersection not to have a four-way stop.

“It is a great family neighborhood,” Hurst said.

Residents began complaining about increased volume of traffic, especially during morning and evening drive times.

Until now, traffic on Oak Ridge had a stop sign, while traffic on Santa Fe did not have to stop.

In addition to a problem with the volume of traffic, Hurst said, there is the issue of speed.

He added there has been some relief from having a police presence, but there is still need for a stop sign.

Alderman Don Brubaker said he thought a four-way stop at that intersection was the way to go.

Alderman Dave Dingledine said drivers have a tendency to increase their speed when there is a long interval before a stop.

“They tend to speed more,” he added.

There was a similar problem on Lexington, Dingledine said, adding, “People did slow down and pay more attention when we put a four-way stop in.”